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C44 combines strength and conditioning training with mobility work to give each class a balanced fitness approach in a shorter class to help accommodate your busy schedule. Classes are unique each time so that your routine does not get boring. This class does not include any barbells but does use other tools such as kettlebells, sandbags, dumbells, medicine balls just to name a few, to make a fun and exciting training experience. Classes are high energy filled with community support and lead by a certified professional coach. We can’t wait to see you soon. Why C44? 44 was Crusher’s favorite number and his football number. Learn more about our inspiration and story here.


Crusher’s expert, certified coaches are here to help you reach your goals and exceed them. You will have a dedicated coach that will mentor you for improvement in your lifestyle, fitness & nutrition.


Crusher’s environment provides a supportive atmosphere that you will love. You will feel at home and look forward to your time at the gym.


Our proven method will help you reach your goals. We are known for breaking limits and setting new heights. No matter where you are starting from our process will work for you and get you to where you want to go.


Monday 6:45PM
Tuesday 6:45PM
Wednesday 6:45PM
Thursday 6:45PM
Saturday 9:15AM
All Classes are 45 Min long.


Getting Started

Come on in we can scale any movement to where your fitness is currently at and build the foundation to get more advanced over time.

You are welcome to come to every class or just a few times a week, whatever fits your schedule and goals.

From $115

$115 | 10x per month

$135 | Unlimited C44

$199 | Unlimited C44, CrossFit, Open Gym & Mobility*

You must attend Bootcamp before purchasing this membership. You can find out more about the Bootcamp and CrossFit on the respective pages on this site.

If you are like most of our Athletes getting started (our coaches included) you want to try this, but you are nervous. C44 is a great way to ease into fitness, but will also challenge the fitness veteran and will help both groups and all those in between get the results you are missing. Maybe your current routine is not producing results, or maybe it is boring. Worse yet maybe you don’t have any routine at all. Regardless if you work out daily or never and no matter if you have nerves like most or not, you owe this opportunity to yourself.

Your JOURNEY begins RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Sign up for a C44 Free Trial class!
Here’s how:

  • Be here. Don’t miss class. We’ll GUARANTEE results. However, only if you do your part.
  • Being fit now is NOT a prerequisite to C44. You don’t have to be fit to start; you do need to start to be fit!
  • Men and Women looking to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals will benefit from joining this program.
  • Once you join, “Can’t” is no longer in your vocabulary. You WILL be successful with our guaranteed program and your commitment. You WILL be healthier and fitter than ever.
  • Our coaches will show you EVERYTHING you need to do to be successful, every step of the way. NO MORE GUESSING.
  • What’s holding you back? Sign up below.

If you call we’ll probably be helping another client achieve their goals so don’t forget to leave your name and the best time to call you back!

It’s best to register ASAP while you are MOTIVATED. After that, we’ll help hold you ACCOUNTABLE because we know it’s tough to be motivated all the time. We totally get that.

Prepare to overcome everything that’s been holding you back!

P.S. Better take a before picture right after you register. It won’t take long to see significant changes!

C44 Membership Pricing and Options

C44 10x per Month

$115 per month
    • 10 Classes per month
    • Can be used whenever it fits your schedule

C44 Unlimited

$135 per month
    • Unlimited C44 Classes

Elite Membership

$199 per month/per person
    • Unlimited C44, Crossfit, Open Gym & Mobility Classes
    • Our best value | Bootcamp is a prerequisite

Cancellation Policy (all programs):

  • Declined auto-pay/late payment subject to a $20 processing fee.
  • All Memberships are month-to-month; cancellations are subject to 14 day prior to next renewal written notification, and it must be in person. We have a cancellation form you can fill out at the box, we do not accept email cancellations. All payments are non-refundable.
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