Crushejen joe handstandr coaches will work with you on your schedule, one-on-one OR in small groups.



One-on-one OR small-group sessions can be used to:
– Improve weaknesses through skill sessions e.g. mobility, Oly lifts, strength, form, gymnastics, etc.
– Develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness.
– Overcome fears and frustrations.
– Increase intensity to the next level no matter where you are currently.




Crusher Members

$36 half hour
    • One-on-one member pricing

Crusher Members

$60 full hour
    • One-on-one member pricing


$45 half hour
    • One-on-one non-member pricing


$75 full hour
    • One-on-one non-member pricing

Private Bootcamp

$360 6 session
    • One-on-one Bootcamp on your schedule in 6 sessions

10 Session Discount

10% Off each session
    • Buy 10 or more PT sessions at one time and receive 10% Off*

Small Group Private Session

$30 half hour
    • Groups of 2+ pay just $30 per person**

Small Group Private Session

$50 full hour
    • Groups of 2+ pay just $50 per person**

*must be prepaid for and scheduled.  You have 10 weeks from the day of purchase to use them. Sessions not used in this window will be forfeited, no refunds.
** programing for each person will be the same for that session. Individual attention will be given to movement specifics, but the focus and movements of the session will be the same for all clients.
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